Health Benefits
ImageTai Chi offers many health benefits including: 
  • Creates great flexibility in the body.
  • Creates an awareness of how the whole body works together in harmony.
  • Relieves stress through the use of deep breathing.
  • Frees up energy and improves circulation.
  • Improves concentration and memory.
  • Expands lung capacity equal to that of a long distance runner.


Curently teaching in Galway city and county, Jo Pender is interested in hearing from schools/ businesses/organizations and clubs where T’ai Chi would be a valuable and useful tool as a stress management technique. People with special needs can also benefit from T’ai Chi. It is being used in Germany with children with autism. It is an excellent form of exercise for those suffering from asthma because of the slow rhythmic breathing produced during practice. It is very good for maintaining balance and in this regard could benefit people with multiple sclerosis. Large or small companies could offer T’ai Chi to employees offering them a method of improving posture and relieving stress. A person who plays sports can benefit from T’ai Chi. It is being used with runners and those who play tennis, golf and horse-riding.